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Shirt Laundry

With the addition of a second Sankosha shirt finishing machine we now have the best shirt laundry facility in the South East.

We are convinced that this part of our business will keep expanding as those “in the know” will continue to utilise a totally unique service in our area, attaining a professional “American” style finish impossible to achieve at home.

Bring in 5 or more for the best price (£2.95 inc VAT)

The North Farm Drive In provides a same day service, other shops a weekly service (Maybe quicker depending on our current volumes) Shirts are returned on a hanger. Folding & Starching are available on request. We are experts in Dress Shirts & can provide a service for judicial (stiff) collars.

Same Day Dry Cleaning

Same day service is available in most branches, but please note we sometimes require longer than this to achieve the best possible result. You will be advised in the branch whether we can “express” your items if required. We would never dream of rushing bridal gowns for example.

Dry Cleaning

Most Columbine branches offer a same day dry cleaning service utilising the latest techniques to ensure a brighter cleaner result. The experience of our staff ensure an unrivalled finish for our customers’ valued garments. Some garments may require longer for the best results, you will be advised of this on the counter. We utilise a number of processes in order to achieve the best possible result. We are experts in maintaining your best clothing, both casual & formal. Look after your clothing investment, choose Columbine.

Wet Cleaning

Although it is yet to really take off some garment manufacturers are promoting wet cleaning & are labelling their items with a W label.

Wet cleaning is neither dry cleaning or washing. It is a specialised process using extremely low mechanical action & specialised detergents & finishing agents that minimise any risk associated with traditional washing methods.

We are specialists in providing this service & have over 25 years experience with our German detergent partners.

It is important to realise that wet cleaning is not suitable for all P labelled items as this would mean contravening the manufacturer’s label and may cause fabric shrinkage or distortion, however we are happy to process P label items in a wet cleaning process at your own risk if you would prefer.


For the ultimate convenience we offer free* home delivery and collection in most areas. We utilise a simple system to ensure that your dry cleaning and laundry requirements are met with ease. Terms and conditions apply.

We have many customers saving time with this service, not having to struggle into town with duvets, curtains or other heavy items.

Please click here for more information. Or contact us, to arrange Home or Office collection and delivery.

*Please note that free delivery is subject to a minimum order value of £25. A £5 charge will be added to orders below this amount.

Table and Bed Linen Laundry

German detergent injection systems ensure a bright clean result. Our steam heated stainless steel roller ironer (from Faversham, Kent) ensures a crisp result for table cloths as well as bed linen.

This is a weekly service from all our branches, quicker at the “drive-in” at North Farm. Please call us for details. We offer a starching service for table linen to ensure that your dinner party table looks the part! If you have guests, our crisp laundry service is the answer.

Please note that all professionally laundered items will have very little freshening odour, which is commonly used to mask poor results.

Rug Doctor Hire

Rug Doctor Self-Hire Carpet Cleaning Machines

Protect your investment from wall to wall with a 24 hour rental of the markets leading rental machine.

Your carpet serves as a magnet that collects a variety of pollutants from various sources. Indoor sources include radiators, pets, rubbish bins as well as smoke & food particles. Outdoor sources include pollen & spores from trees, plants & other vegetation as well as exhaust fumes from cars, fireplaces & barbecues. It is estimated that 80% of all carpet soil comes from matter tracked in from outside.

Frequent vacuuming helps considerably, but nothing replaces the kind of deep down clean Rug Doctor provides. The combination of vibrating brush and penetrating spray gives astonishing results, leaving your carpets and soft furnishings clean, fresh & soft to the touch.

The “Rug Doctor experience” can be yours at a fraction of the cost of paying a professional contractor. Cleaning your own carpet is very easy & safe and does not take very long to complete. Every year around 8 million Rug Doctors are rented around the world.

Call us today to book the Rug Doctor as hire starts from only £22.99. We will need a couple of forms of identification. One will need to have your home address (utility bill etc)

Duvet Cleaning

Regular washing of your duvet will not only keep things fresh in the bedroom, it will also reduce the numbers you may well be sleeping with. Our large capacity washers & detergents will remove housemites (& the allergens they produce) that are most likely lurking in your quilt, reducing potential allergic reactions. Most shops offer a fast next or even same day service.

Repairs and Alterations

We undertake a wide range of alterations & repairs, from shortening a pair of trousers to relining a coat or even a pair of curtains. Service times can vary so please check with your local branch.

Wedding Dress Cleaning & Boxing

After your wedding an important, but often forgotten job is to have your bridal gown cleaned, because no matter what you intend to do with it afterwards, it will almost certainly deteriorate if you delay this procedure.

At Columbine, you can rest assured that your dress with get only the best attention. If you intend keeping the gown, it is essential that it is stored correctly, which is why we recommend and supply acid-reduced boxes, which are specifically designed & manufactured for the long term safe storage of bridal gowns. You can peruse our selection here, prior to bringing in the gown.

Please note that we will order the box for you & return your dress cleaned & boxed utilising acid-free tissue.

Leather and Suede Cleaning

Leather (including suede and sheepskin) is produced by tanning animal skins, mainly sheep, cattle & pig. Tanning, which includes the dyeing and finishing of leather, preserves it permanently, provided it is looked after, cleaned & refurbished regularly.

Each piece of leather is unique and often carries natural imperfections such as vein marks, cuts & abrasions which form scar tissue. These generally enhance the beauty and individuality of your garment and certainly helps distinguish the imitation from the real thing!

Leather is natures own fabric and requires special care, particularly when it comes to having it cleaned and refurbished.

Please contact your local branch, for prices & service times.

Curtain & Furniture Cover Cleaning

An entire room can be lifted by a clean pair of curtains.
Which, we realise that you may wish to have back in a hurry, by arrangement. A same day service is possible in most branches. The same level of service is also available for all your furniture covers, with the option of stain guarding these precious fabrics after dry cleaning. We can also offer a Flame Retarding service for fabrics used in schools, nursing homes etc. Please call us for a quote.

Ozone Cleaning

Nature’s own cleaner.

The use of ozone cleaning is becoming more widespread – The reason for this is that ozone cleaning completely kills all bacteria.

How and where do we use it? Because ozone completely kills all bacteria, it will eradicate all smells as smells are caused by bacteria – a living organism. To remove the smell, the bacteria must be destroyed. This can only be done by ozone treatment. We typically use it in fire/flood restoration situations, removing the smell of cigarette smoke from cars and homes.

Basically, if you wish to remove an odour from your workplace or home, the answer is to use ozone treatment. Ozone cannot be stored. It must be reconstituted on site safely by a trained operator.

In addition, we can use our own ozone chamber to freshen garments & items that cannot easily be dry cleaned or washed (fur coats for example)

Flame Retarding of Curtains

In association with our specialist partner, we are able to flame retard curtains for Local Authorities, theatres, hotels, residential homes, village halls and schools.

All work is carried out to British Standards (FAR/JAR 25.853a, Appendix F, Part 1(A) 1(ii) Standard) where relevant.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements further.

Waterproofing Ski Wear

We have worked for many years with Nikwax, a local company with a world wide reputation. Their water-prooofing solutions are simply second to none & provide us with the ability to ensure that your ski-wear & other outward bound items get the best treatment year after year.

Reward Points

We like to reward our loyal customers and therefore offer a Reward Points Scheme.

We will offer you points that equal 5% of the value of your spend with Columbine. When the amount reaches £5 this will become “available credit” and you can elect when to deduct this from your bill. These amounts will show on your receipt so you can check how many points you have earned.

Just ask one of our staff to activate your Reward Points by confirming we have all your correct details.

Reward points are not available at our agencies.

Customer information is never passed to third parties.