Terms and Conditions

As a member of the Textile Services Association Ltd we undertake not to restrict our liability under the general law and shall so far as is reasonably practicable.

1. Handle all clothes, linens, furnishings and other items accepted by us for processing with proper and due care and attention.

2. Investigate any complaint promptly and, if requested, reprocess, free of charge, any article which is unsatisfactory due to fault on our part.

3. Pay fair compensation for loss or damage due to negligence on our part.

4. Train our staff to be competent, courteous and helpful at all times.

5. Keep our shops, vans, containers and premises clean and tidy.

6. Maintain the highest possible standard of quality and service consistent with the price charged.

7. Display in shop premises a list of prices for standard articles.

8. Have all orders ready or delivered at the time stated, unless prevented by exceptional circumstances.

9. In the event of a dispute which requires arbitration, abide by an independent report carried out by a competent, mutually recognised test house on a 'loser pays' basis.

Please note that compensation where appropriate will be as per TSA guidelines, taking into account fair wear & tear.

Items without care labels are cleaned at owners risk.

Collection & Delivery

When we pick up an order from you we ask you to provide a list of the items you have given us. In the absence of such list, our count will be considered final.